Nigeria is land flowing with milk and honey, I grew up seeing our country reduced to a jungle economy. The mindset about business imprisoned with corruption, and ritualism.

85% of our population were given birth to after Biafra war which is 150million, that is 60% of West Africa population. The energies our youths spent on fraud and ritualism could channeled into good ideas. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in Harvard 2004-2007 today the company is worth over 100billion dollars. Come to think of it could all the aggregated scammed money of our youths be equalled with Facebook worth? is here to change the narrative of success by thinking and dreaming big. You can become successful without corruption and Yahoo yahoo (419) and ritualism. Ideas rule the world, the human mind processes 75,000 thoughts in 24hrs. What do you think about all day? Don’t you know that your thought is the source of your ideas? Think big, dream big, that is the path of

We are to help you actualize your dreams through thought provoking articles, opinions, inspirational quotes and empowerment ideas. Remember good ideas start as foolish thoughts don’t underestimate your ideas. You can be successful and build a business legacy like Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Aliko Dangote. Think big, dream big” Say no to impossibility”

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