Loose Talk Podcast: Episode 114: "The Headies 2018 Nominees Review"

The Giants dissect the Headies 2018 Nominees List, and discuss a few things about cheating, old Presidents and sugar daddies.

After skipping the 2017 editions for a host of reasons, Nigeria’s most popular music awards, the Headies announced its list of nominees for the 2018 editions and like you would expect, the Loose Talk Giants, Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo dissected the list for what its worth.

In case you’re new to the fold, Loose Talk is a pop culture podcast where the aforementioned journalists discuss trending and relevant issues across various fields, offering insight, context and a healthy dose of humour.

One of the biggest news items this week was the video apparently showing American basketballer, Tristan Thompson cheating on his pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian.

The giants had a bit to say about the balance or lack of it that preceded the incident as well as the model who Tristan was seen with, Lani Blair.

Headies 2018

Following its release, the Headies Nominations list had been roundly criticised, mostly for ignoring some of the most popular songs and artistes of the last year, and to a lesser extent, for ignoring the alte/underground music scene.


Which is to say, the awards board members were also accused of holding on to the relics of a bygone phase.

Starting with the Recording of the Year, the giants picked their potential winners.

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The first snag though came when the matter of Best Rap Album came up. Ajebutter 22’s “What Happens in Lagos” was heralded as one of the best albums of last year, by critics, including Osagie and Ayo. Yet, the album was not nominated in the Rap category.

There was also some disagreement over Niniola’s Maradona not making the nominations for Song of the Year; Osagie pointing out that it was a grand case of leaving a suitable option out for a more worthy one.

The Giants did agree on one thing though; that the Best Street Hop category would be a tough one as all the nominated songs stand a healthy chance of tapping the award.

One thing I know is that someone will conjure the spirit of Agege and break out some fire shaku-shaku on that stage, and that, in itself, is enough to look forward to.


Music (or money, depending on how woke you want to be) is a melodious representation of the spirit of Nigeria but the people in charge of it are septuagenarians who want to run a second time.

Bubu 2019

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Yes, that was a Buhari sub.

Last week, our sub-par beloved President Buhari announced, via his social media and communications team, that he would run in the 2019 elections for a second term as President.


From Presidents to Sugar Daddies, the Giants also discussed Ghanaian actress, Moesha Buduong’s assertion on an episode of Amanpour’s “Love and Sex All Around The World”.


The Ghanaian actress claimed that Ghana’s economy is set up in such a way that women have to find men to take care of them and pay their bills.

The Giants are not the kind of guys to discuss another country’s economic policies but where they smell a load of crap they’re inclined to raise it, even where it is said by a voluptuous woman.

The subject of sugar daddies is a delicate one; while many men and women have glucose guardians, it is treated like a taboo, the type that you actively hope to engage in but you smirk when anyone mentions it.

The thing about conversations like this is that its better if you have them as randomly as possible or just be like the guys and be as loose as possible.

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